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In The News... Mar. 19, 2017

Wow, what a week we had; it was super fantastic! The kids are busy publishing their fairy tales for our Storybook Ball and let me tell you, their stories are phenomenal! They are enjoying working on each page of their book. Please go ahead and mark your calendars for Friday, June 16th at 9:30. This is when our Storybook Ball will take place and it is such an important event for your child. He/she has worked so hard creating their story and publishing it. I want every child to have someone there to celebrate in their accomplishments. Trust me when I say this event will mean so much to them. I don't want a child to be without a cheering section. We will also be celebrating the end of the year this day with a our class movie. It will be a memorable event that you won't want to miss!!!!

We are working hard with RAP and written comprehension. End of Year Assessments are almost upon us and I want the kids to do their best and not get stumped with these tricky questions. You will notice that Wednesday night's homework looks different as does the book your child brought home. These paper books are your child's Guided Reading Book that he/she has read this week. The question is similar to the questions they will experience during assessment time. Have your child re-read the book and respond independently to the question. Use the yellow checklist to see if they RAP. If they struggle, go back and help them use the book to find the answers and the proof. Guide them through it. Write any notes that you think will be useful to me on the back so that I can help your child at school as well. The kids are getting the hang of RAP and have done well with responses to books at school. Let me know if you have any questions.

In Math this week we focused on comparison problems and mentally solving 10 more/10 less problems. We will continue this next week and begin double digit addition.

We were lucky enough to have 2 Skype sessions available this week. We Skyped with a pilot from Arizona and learned about his job as well as Skyped with the Buffalo Bill Center in Cody, Wyoming to learn about the Plain Indians. This targeted our Social Studies standards by focusing on wants/needs, cultures, and how people affect the environment. Ask your child to share a little bit about both these virtual field trips!

We are learning lots about organisms in Science. This week we focused on seeds/plants. The kids learned about the life cycle of a plant, the parts of seed and they planted their very own seeds. They will be responsible for watering and caring for their seeds/plants. Hopefully they will grow. We will be doing lots of observations!

Talking about organisms leads us to our Animal projects. These are due on Monday (just the projects). We will be sharing them throughout the week and practicing for our zoo on Friday. The kids will need to come to school on Friday the 26th dressed up as the animal they researched (you don't need to buy anything, just use what you have at home). Our zoo opens at 9:30 and closes at 11:30. You are welcome to stop by and visit. We have 10 classes that will be coming by during those times. Your child should be able share info on their animal with little prompting. It's going to be an exciting day! I will be dressed up too! I can't wait!!!

So much to share... As you can see, we've definitely been busy! Enjoy your weekend and finish up those projects =)

~Ms. Gower

Congrats AR Readers!

These students have moved up in their AR points. Awesome job reading!!!

  • Shane- 30 pts
  • Avery- 20 pts
  • Kinley- 15 pts
  • Aven- 15 pts
  • Sam- 15 pts
  • Aubrey S.- 11 pts


  • Animal Research Project- These are due Monday and should include some type of visual whether it be technology based, diorama, poster, etc. These count toward your child's 4th Quarter Science grade. Your child should be familiar with their animal and able to share information without much prompting.

  • Zoo/Animal Wax Museum- Your child should come dressed as his/her animal on Friday for our Class Zoo. The kids will be sharing their projects with 10 other classes during the morning between 9:30-11:30. It will be lots of fun so swing by if you can.

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