The legend of lemonade!

An adventure!!!

the beggining

” There was a man who loved science. And at the time all of the world’s water was lemonade. So he set out to go get the water back! So he called his friend (who is a former construction worker) to accompany the scientist on his journey. When the construction got there (his name is jack… let’s call him jack) the scientist (Franklin) explained what they will do. “Aight man let’s do this dog I’m tired of drinking lemonade!” said Franklin. Jack responded with a quiet tone of voice and said m-Kay lets go,” Wait!”Said Franklin, “We need to go to Asia”. “Really?” Said jack “that’s like really far away man!, what if something happens to us, or we get like jumped or something?!” Franklin could tell that he was then getting nervous. “Look man if you are not comfortable enough to do this you don’t have to dog!” said Franklin. “Nah man we are bro’s man I can’t let you do all of this alone man” said jack, “alright what do we have to do?”

Franklin began briefing him on what needed to be done. “There is a chemical in a plant that only grows on a certain mountain on Asia, it is a certain type of moss that grows over a cliff.

After minutes of Franklin talking science talk he finally stopped talking. “What if one of us gets hurt? We might need a doctor to come along with us” said jack “I know a guy who can help “said jack. “aight homie call him up”. Franklin proceeded to pack his equipment for the trip while jack called his doctor friend.

While the hole crew was together (Franklin, jack and Dr.glu) they headed out to asia.

When they got to their terminal jack noticed a fat guy sitting alone and rather sad looking. He approached the guy (he looked like he was 16 or 17) he asked if he would like to come along? He agreed to come along (by the way his name is tom)

They were interrupted by the tv saying that the world was being flooded with lemonade! “guys we need to get a plane and get out of here come on guys lets go!!” said Franklin.

As they flew in the air the plane started to fall down! Everyone started to panic but mostly the fat kid because he forgot to poop before the plane started to fall……

Before the plane hit the ground they teleported to Poseidon’s lair “what the heck just happened?”

Franklin said nervously “welcome” said Poseidon in a loud deep voice “oh it’s you, bro why did you take all of our water?” Poseidon responded quickly “I took it because everyone was peeing in the water, and my people did not like it one bit….” “if you convince the people of the world to not pee in the water then ill return the water.” Said Poseidon “alright man ill do it”

From that day on not one person peed in the worlds water so never take anything for granted
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