By: Jaila Shaw

Who lives here? What is the average income? Climate? Tourism?

Mainly Brazilians live in Brazil. In brazil the average temperature is about 72-79 degrees fahrenheit. There's not much variation from the hottest months to the coolest months. That average income in Brazil is roughly 2,200 dollars a month. The country gets tourists often and had 5.17 million in 2012.

Cultural Information

In the early 20th century, waves of Italians, spaniards, Germans, Arabs, and Ukrainians settled in Brazil. Brazil is heavily involved in sports and the most popular one is soccer. Other than soccer, martial arts, volleyball, basketball, and motor sports are also highly popular. Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles such as samba, funk, Brazilian rap, and rock.

Political Information

Brazil is a federal republic consisting of 26 states. Each state has its own legislature and governor. In the early years, the army ruled the republic leading to further political upheaval and civil war. But by 1895 order had been restored and brazil had a civilian government.

Popular Tourist Attraction

The most popular attraction in Brazil is "Christ The Redeemer" statue on the Covado Mountain. The statue is 98 feet high and is the second largest Art Deco sculpture in the world. IT is made with reinforced concrete and Soapstone.


The principle agriculture products of Brazil are cattle, coffee, cotton, corn, rice, soy, wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, beans, and fruit. Some popular foods in Brazil are Brazilian sandwiches that contain mozzarella cheese, slices of roast beef, and pickles on a french bun. Another is fried cassava which is a substitute for french fries.

Culinary Tribulation

Brazilian cuisine has european, african and amerindian influences. Ingredients first used by native people in brazil include cassava, guarana, acai, cumaru, cashew, and tucupi. From there, the many waves of immigrants brought some of their typical dishes, replacing missing ingredients with local equivalents.
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