Online Saftey

a commitment to lead to a happy life online

Strong Passwords

Use strong passwords to stop you from getting hacked; E.G add numbers and wierd names this stops people from guessing easily

secure wireless conections

Have a password on your wireless, because you never know who can use your internet for free if you dont. Your next door nieghbour could use it and you would be paying for it; so have a password!

Good Virus Protection

you always need a good virus protection this will help you so that your computer willl be virus free and work perfectly.

Secure Shopping

To be a secure shopper always use paypal, you know it is safe because you have you detail in it also many other people use it and say its fab. When shopping use a credit card.

Online Gaming

Be cafeful when you play with other people online, as this could lead to people looking for you as they know your details. So when your online playing games be careful on who you give your information to.

Social Networking