Team Pawluck

August 2013 Newsletter

Team Stats

Top Sales:
Christine Kelly: $3687 5 parties
Dawn Voglino: $3230.50 6 parties
Bridget Sawka: $1373 3 parties
Julie Pawluck: $1000.50 3 parties
Jessica Wiegand: $966 2 parties

Also submitting PV:
Erin Walsh
Chequetta Roberst
Tanya Morgan
Joleen Mekic
Lisa Wright
Donna Darrow
Mandy Maxian
Sarah Welch
Sandie Bisignani
Donna Sayre
Lynette Stoddard
Lorie Ameika
Jennifer Pittsman
Team Volume:
Team Parties:
Welcome to Team Pawluck in August:
Lorie Ameika
Erin Walsh
Donna Darrow
Lynette Stoddard
Start Swell Earners:
Erin Walsh (level one)
Summer Dream Rewards:
Dawn Voglino (Level 2)
Christine Kelly (Level 2)

As a consultant: $250
As a Senior Consultant: $295.82
As a Director: $739.27

Dates To Remember

September 1-30: Double Hostess Credits for $600 or higher parties
September 1-30: Customer spend $35 and choose an OUT or SOT for 1/2 price
Septmeber 11-26: Consultant registration for October Celebrate & Connect
September 30-October 8: Late registration for October C&C. $5 late registration fee applies

Continue to check www.thirtyonetoday DAILY for company news and important dates.

Julie Pawluck

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6-8pm
Saturday: 9-11am
and by appointment