Mrs. Butera's Class Newsletter

September 25, 2015


This week we had two birthdays. Happy Birthday Kimberly and Benjamin!

Scholastic Book Orders

Book orders are due this week if you are interested in purchasing any. I did not know this before, but you can search books other than the books that are in the fliers that I pass out. For instance, if your child loves Berenstein Bear books like my own children do, you can type in the search bar a the top of the page of the Scholastic Book club site. I know how kids can get obsessed with a series and you may not always see the books you were hoping to find. This is a great feature that I just discovered! Click on the link to bring you directly to our class page.

Applesauce Day

Friday we will be making applesauce. The kids are very excited and anxious to cook! We are going to have the best smelling classroom in the school. Your child will be bringing home the picture recipe so that you can make it at home if you wish.

Absent Thursday

I was absent on Thursday. Two of my kiddos at home were sick and they needed me. By accident they may have come home with an extra worksheet that they were told was homework. This was sent home by accident. I had a lot of different teachers filling in for me and by accident. If your child happened to complete it, they will be given extra pennies for their chart. If you want to skip it...that is fine also. It is your choice. Sorry for the confusion!