The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

People of intrest for the book

This would be a good book for someone that enjoys action and suspense. With the book being an easy read great for all ages, if the book sparks your interests then you should read it.

Conflicts in the book

A major conflict in ''The Hunger Games'' is the hunger games. The hunger games is a battle between the 12 districts, 24 people total. There is a boy and a girl taken from each district and have to fight to the death.

Three main characters

Plot teaser

Katniss and Peeta are both become the tributes from district 12. thus making them have to fight to the death along with the people from the other districts. Although only one person can live... No Exceptions.

Thoughts on the book

I enjoyed reading the book and think that is a good book for anyone to read. personaly i like reading a book with action and adventure. Since i was little i have had an interest with swords and weapons which was icing on the cake for me to read this book.


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Suzanne Collins

She really began writing widely in 1991 when she was added to the staff of many Nickelodeon shows. She was later talked into writing kids books. While writing she had many books published until she wrote The Hunger Games. This book became an international best seller.


Katniss, you want the audience to like you. (102)
This passage shows the improtance of the Gamemakers and needing their votes and bids to allow you to have a better chance in living another day.