Madisyn Jorgensen - 4th Hr. Science

Career Overview

In my career I will work about 40 hours or more a week. I can work in hospitals, offices, clinics, etc. Some of my duties will be preventing disease, advising people on yearly test to prevent certain diseases or cancers that may run in their family. I will also advise people on living a healthy life style.

Succeed in this Career

Helpful High School Classes- Advanced classes like math, science, English, social studies. I will also need anatomy, psychology, foreign language, chemistry, statistics, and probability.

Classes or degrees-

Pre-medicine and sciences

Cost of Education Learning

Grand total= $ 237,440

  • 4 years tuition at university of Oshkosh= $ 29,952
  • 4 years food= $ 17,500
  • 4 years gas= $ 4,000
  • 4 years clothes= $ 1,000

I will need to get a part time job to help me with the cost. I might also need to apply for scholarships, Financial aid, and or loans. Also I think this would be a good career for me in the future.

Associations/Professional Organizations for this Career

  • American academy of Family Physicians
  • Associations of family practice physician assistant

Pros and Cons


  • Challenging
  • Satisfying
  • Get to work with people of all ages.

  • Long hours
  • Hard to have family life

Job advertisement

Have you ever thought to yourself that your bored of working alone and not being challenged? Then you should consider being a primary care physician. Its a challenging opportunity to work with many people of all ages. You get to work in a hospital setting, start out making $90,000 a year, and only need a five year degree to do so.