Anti-Flawed Heroes

Part 1

Macbeth possesses some of the qualities to be considered a flawed hero. In the beginning he is being a smart man on knowing how to handle his situation and how they will end up. Macbeth realizes soon that he cannot live on with the guilt of killing. Even though he killed and knew what he was doing. He soon started to get paranoid and very ambitious which caused him to raise the flag and he was acting suspicious about it. Going crazy made him lose strength and made him a coward. He was loyal to Lady Macbeth before being paranoid. Coming towards the end she died and he simply said"She was going to die sooner or later. He feel at the fight against Macduff. Macbeth's head was chopped of and the kingdom soon became peace. A flawed hero dies at the end of the play/movie and so because he had those qualities he could be considered a flawed hero.

Part 2

In the movie V for Vendetta, they are living under a dystopian society. V is trying to overrule the government which are the monsters in the movie. The government is manipulating all of England into making them think that everything is alright. V though, the Anti-hero understand what the government systems are doing and he is trying to bring England back to peace. V is hurting the government by making the bombing and when he made his speech on T.V. Even though he got caught at the end he was still able to fix a bit of the government back. He was a hero that helped society not for himself.