Ludwig van Beethoven der Komponist

Sarah Steinebach

About him

Er ist Ludwig van Bethoven.

Vaters nome ist Johann van Beethoven und Mutters nome ist Maria Magdalena Keverich.

Geborn am 16. Dezember 1770 (Bonn, Deutschland)

Gestorben am 26. Marz 1827 (Vienna, Osterreich)

Joseph Haydn erst a Musiklehrer to Ludwig

Er erst a Komponist

Accomplishments and Interesting facts

His first super personal composition was wrote Erocia in 1804. Also he made Violin Concerto in D 1806. However he showed no incline in music at a young age. Not until age 11 did he start showing an incline in music. Though he was born with chronically ill health finally losing his hearing after trying to prevent it in 1824.


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