Antonio L'opez de Santa Anna

The babies and jaz

Early life

He was born in Jalapa in 1794 into a middle class family he got a little bit of schooling before he joined a Spanish army as a cAdet from September 1846 to September 1847 he helped Indian tribes and the also shut down congress and he replaced the constitution. With the seven laws which declared hisself as dictator he spent a lot of time in vast Land holding around Veracurez.

Repressing rebellious cultures

Yucatcatan and Tabasco in 1836 with a army with 6000 men he won agenist the Texan rebels at the Alamo and goliad but was badly interst in self-preservation then he signed the Treaties of Velasco witch granted Texas it's freedom from Mexico

Important facts

Santa Anna was out in prison at preote castle and was put in Cuba for life beacause his preoccupation with regaining with Texas wAs not embraced bye other mexin leaders the political and milatery