History of the Spread in the NFL

Jordan Becerra

Who was the first team that use the Spread offense in the NFL?

One of the first teams was the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1940's, the Quarterback for the eagles was Tommy Thompson at the time. They won 2 NFL Championships in the 1940's because of the Spread offense if your wondering what years it was 1948 and 1949, going back to back years.

The 70's era of the spread offense

The NFL had 3 teams that use the Spread Offense in there Playbook It was the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets. The 1st team who started to use it out of those 3 was the New York Jets in 1971 before that they use the Pro-style like other teams were using.

The Impact on the NFL

The Spread Offense does have a impact on the NFL specially in today's game.The Teams that use the spread offense back then did or have a Superbowl because of the Spread offense.

The New York jets

They gave the Spread Offense a chance because of Joe Namath they weren't doing good in the Pro-style System, so they add a formation in there playbook and it was great for the teamand Joe Namath

The Dallas Cowboys

By 1975 The Dallas Cowboys added the Spread offense in there Playbook for Roger Staubach. The dual-quarterback it was great for him because it open opportunity for him to run when he couldn't pass, or they could do a simple Quarterback Run with him.That same year they won the super bowl with the Spread Offense.