iMovie in School

Creating Educational Movies

Taking education to the next step with iMovie!

The great thing about being a teacher is finding new and exciting ways to teach our students! Having students work on movie projects to present research, or presenting a movie to your students about the new topic being introduced can be more intriguing and interactive learning than you think! Creating your own movies for your students, parents, colleagues, and for your self is the best thing that can happen for a teacher living in a fast growing technology based world.

All That You Need For Your iMovie Projects!

Great introduction to iMovie for teachers and students:

How to use iMovie in the classroom:

Lesson Plans using iMovie:

What Can You Do With iMovie in Your School???

So much can be done in your school and outside of your school! You can not only create movies but, you can also create trailers! Creating a trailer for a trip proposal, an introduction to a topic created by your students or yourself, open school night and so much more! Anyone can use iMovie for education! You just need an idea and some imagination! Students don't have access at home? Let them work on their projects in class or at the library. Most public libraries now carry various technologies accessible to the public.

Digital Citizenship is Key to Safety!

Here are some great resources to teach your students and colleagues about Digital Citizenship:

Teaching Digital Citizenship:

Teaching students and teachers about Digital Citizenship:

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