Geography and Culture



Risgrynsgrot (Rice Pudding) is traditional Christmas dessert. It includes water, rice, whole milk, heavy cream, cinnamon, and brown or raw sugar.

Kaldolmar (cabbage rolls) the rolls itself include cabbage, water, and salt. The filling includes water, white rice, milk, ground beef, salt, white pepper, thyme, butter, and light cream.


1% of the country is Roman Catholic faith. The rest of the 99% are Christian. The Swedish people don't always practice the same religion.


Swedish people are usually trendy. They are up to date on their fashion and designer clothes. Due to their cooler climate, the Swedish have to wear warmer clothes. It is important to be neat and clean in public. They prefer to not dress up like other people in different countries. They prefer not to be glamorous when they go in public. They stick to their religious like clothing.


Land and Climate


Sweden is larger than Iraq, and the state of California. Sweden is about 1,000 miles from the northern tip to the southern tip,but only 310 miles long. Mountain form most of the northwest, but most of Sweden is flat with some rolling hills. Sweden is filled with river and lake, which provide ample water for the country.