Judy Segobia & Elijah Christman

Mission Statement

Helping people around the world eat and live better.








CEO of Kraft's

W Anthony Vernon

KRAFT Products

-Mac N Cheese

-Miracle Whip

-Kraft Dressing

-Milk Bite


New KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese TV Commercial- Officer Dan


-Kool Aid

-Oscar Mayor Hot Dogs

-Planters Peanut Butter


-Capri Sun

KOOL-AID "The Jug Life"

Career Opportunities

-Brand Assistant

-Category Advisor

-Maintenance Manager

-Plant Controller

-Financial Anlayst

Financial Analyst

Salary: $50,000-$100,000

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Strong math, analytical and problem solving skills are essential skill qualifications for this position.

Financial Analyst reports financial status by preparing and analyzing financial plans, forecasts and reports.

Contact KRAFT corporation if you would like to apply!