Pebble Go

Makes researching fun!

Home Screen

Pebble Go is a a research database that is specifically designed for early researchers. From this screen you must log in with the username and password that is supplied by your librarian or teacher.

Choosing what to research!

Once logged in you can choose from databases within the database. You can choose from Animals, Earth and Space, Biographies and Social Studies. Each is very easy to navagate for the primary level.
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Lets Search an Animal : How about Penguins!

Citing sources!

Pebble Go teaches the students to cite their sources by clicking the cite your sources button located on the bottom of the screen.

Videos to watch!

Many of the result pages will have videos to watch. Along with reading the text they are able to watch a video of how the animal interacts with other animals, as an example.
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Games to play!

There are games to play while researching. What students wouldn't be interested in that?They are able to learn while they play!
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