Take Flight State of the Class

February Edition

Progress Reports

I have really enjoyed meeting with everyone during your child's annual 504 review meeting! These meetings have given us the opportunity to discuss your child's progress in the program face to face, so I will not be sending home a paper copy of their progress report unless you request one. This will help reduce our consumption of paper for this marking period. :)
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As the year is continuing, it is SO important that homework is done each and every night. I know that the hustle and bustle of life can make after school time a little hectic, but practicing the skills your child has learned in therapy is CRUCIAL to committing it to their memory, ultimately leading to success in reading accuracy, rate, fluency, comprehension, and spelling. Think of homework as being just as important as brushing your teeth--you have to make the time to make it happen!

Nightly homework should include the following:

  • Instant words (EXCEPT Mondays)
  • handwriting (when a new grapheme--AKA letter--is introduced)
  • RAP practice
  • Rate packet
  • 15 minutes of oral reading

As always, if there is any confusion on what should be done when, please feel free to reach out to me at ANY time! I am here to serve you and your family.

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Dyslexia News

The US Department of Justice just released final regulations regarding the implementation of the American for Disabilities Act (ADA). The regulations clarify concerns regarding students entering college and their identification and accommodations.

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