Mrs. Hammans' Classroom Newsletter

Friday, January 8, 2016


In reading, we are working on story structure, such as characters, problems, solutions, main idea(theme), setting, and conclusion. We've also worked a lot in author's message.

By: Aarush


In writing we have been working on writing stories called narratives. Our goal is to write these with characters, problem, solution, conclusion, author's message, and theme. This will make us better writers.

By: Vivian


In math we have been working on multiplication and arrays. We have also been working on doubles to make it a little easier.

By: Ella


We did tops yesterday. We have to have balance to keep the top spinning we can't give up if it's hard. Today we did zoomers.

By: Naissha

Quote from a 2nd Grader

Thank with hugs.

By: Kayden