Deborah Alessi

Face Forward

Face Forward Provides Plastic Surgery For Victims

Deborah Alessi through Face Forward today offers a lot of assistance to victims of domestic violence, help that they never would have been able to get under normal circumstances. There are people who get reconstructive surgery, while others get plastic surgery for free. All this is supposed to make it easier for these women to live their lives again without fear or any kind of intimidation. Deborah’s story is rather similar to that of many other women and children out there. You love someone with your heart and in one instance they change and turn into beasts, their eyes raring and baying for your blood. It’s a shocker for a lot of the victims because in most cases you never even imagine this could happen to you, neither do you ever have it at the back of your mind that your partner with whom you share so much could one day be the one who might kill you. In her case, Deborah was hit and thrown down the stairs, the dangers thereof notwithstanding.

Today Deborah is one of the main reasons why other victims of domestic and gang violence have a reason to smile. Face Forward is an organization that she formed with her new husband after fleeing her abusive boyfriend and the main purpose of the organization is to give the victims as much help as they need to build their lives again. In most cases, they require facial surgery especially since a lot of those who batter women target their faces. All women are beautiful, and this gives them the confidence to go about their lives with pride and in a fearless manner. However, when someone’s face is beaten up and cut severally, it hurts not just physically, but this kills their confidence and their esteem.

There are dozens of victims who have been able to get assistance from Face Forward especially with their reconstructive surgery. This is in consideration of the fact that some of the operations usually cost as much as $200,000. Besides that a number of the victims usually need more than one surgical operation to restore the damage on their body

When someone runs to Face Forward for assistance, it is required of them to show some commitment to the process of healing. Therefore they will have to leave that relationship or the violent circumstance (could be a neighborhood) and start afresh. The victims are also put through psychological therapy to help them overcome the challenges.


Our professional Deborah Alessi and benefactor support at Face Forward continues to grow daily in our task to assist victims of violence find a new face and a new beginning.