Wedding Bands In Connecticut

Make your wedding memorable with Awesome Wedding bands

The wedding band is basically the ring celebrating the custom of the marriage. The wedding band consists of a metal ring that either is bare or decorated along with precious or semi-precious stones. The wedding band is generally worn on the ring-finger of the left hand. You can find wedding bands in Connecticut, a long journey from where the origin of the concept of the wedding band stems, which some suggest was started in Egypt. The Plant sections are also worn, that symbolize the love & the courtship. This was a custom that gained a high level of popularity all across globe. So, during early days, it was tradition to engrave the inside of the ring with the name of spouse to-be, as well as the wedding date. Such kinds of rings are passed on through one generation to the next generation and thus they are bound to become heirlooms of the family.

The custom of wearing the band on ones left hand, on 4th finger from the thumb, has its roots in 3rd Century Greece. The belief of it being a greater symbol of love stems from the fact that the vein of 4th finger is directly connected to heart. This vein is commonly known as the "vein of love" & it also became the sign of the "eternal love" for the couples getting married. Thus, the custom to wear the wedding ring or the wedding band on the left-hand of the ring finger has become quite popular. On the other hand, in some faiths, the wedding band and the ring are worn on the right-hand of the ring finger. Wedding bands may be made from different materials; such as gold, silver, various metal alloys, and platinum. They are also readymade available at the jeweler's for purchase or you may choose to customize your wedding band in both design and material. Most famous are the ones that are the plain single bands and those which are studded with stones and diamonds. In previous centuries, women customarily were the only ones to wear wedding bands.

However, in the modern times even men are seemingly following this tradition. Also, men are even known to wear broader bands, for those who prefer them over the more delicate ones. In some customs, wedding bands are not just worn on the day of your marriage, but also before the marriage, or during the engagement ceremony. During the ceremony of western marriage before solemnizing, the wedding band and the ring are usually kept on a plate or in a pouch. It is mainly the duty of best man & bridesmaid to always carry the ring and later hand over it to bride & groom at time of ceremony.