The Slime Lime

Ashlyn Wells

What it cured.

This lotion cures people with lyme disease. Lyme disease is a disease that is transmitted through ticks from being out in the woods. This disease is caused by the deer tick that carries a bacteria that could be transmitted to humans. Also effecting some of the major tissue in the body

How it Cures

How it cures the patient is simple you simply apply the product to the forearm. When you apply it to the forearm you are simply making your bloodstream and making the cells vanquish. Therefore making your disease vanish before your eyes.

Some Side Effects.

Some of the side effects include your blood to turn green as well as your fingernails. and your throat becomes really dry. Also you are going start craving salty things. The side

Effects should only last for about 10- 15 minutes tops your skin will also turn green from the lime in the lotion.

Selling Price

The selling price for this lotion is going to be a pack of 20 small containers for 35$. This way I am making a 15$ profit. That way the costumers could have some in case that the small ones don't last them a long time.