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Every year 1.2 million abortions occur in our country. That means 1 abortion takes place every 20 seconds. However, abortion isn’t just a national epidemic. It’s in our state. It’s in our city. In Florida, nearly 90,000 abortions occur each and every year. About 3,200 of those happen right here in Lee County. Verity Pregnancy and Medical Resource Center was founded to offer women considering abortion a place to go before they make this life-changing decision. At Verity, women are empowered with information and truth. They find hope, care and support. They find life … and Christ.

Verity Pregnancy and Medical Resource Center of Fort Myers has stood as a beacon of hope in our Community for 29 years. In those 29 years, we’ve helped more than 25,000 women dealing with unplanned pregnancies sort through their feelings, and find answers.

Join Our Mission for Life

Here at Verity, we are focused on creating a culture of life for every woman who comes to us. Each woman experiences the compassion of Christ through volunteers and staff who help meet her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We share the truth about abortion and empower her to choose life for her unborn baby through services, counseling and abortion education. We offer every client the opportunity to pray and share the Gospel with those open to hearing.

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