The Oklahoma Eyes

By Emily Murphy

Breaking news: youth murder at the park!

Tulsa, Oklahoma youth, Bob Sheldon, gets stabbed to death in his local park. Two witnesses, Sheldon's friends, were witnesses to the murder. They were found away from the scene of the crime, revealing that the man responsible was actually another young boy, accompanied by his friend. Later, their names were revealed as Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis. The boys hadn't been seen since that night. After authorities examined the crime scene, the murder weapon was revealed: a six-inch switchblade.
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Sheldon's case is a real tragedy, but the real debate is if his death was self-defense or murder. Sodapop Curtis, the bother of the killers friend, claims that Sheldon and his gang were looking for trouble with them. That the "Socs" were "out of their territory", as he worded it. But, whether it was self-defense or not, Sheldon's family and friends mourn the lost of their beloved Bob.
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