Learning Coach Corner

Volume I Issue 4

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

Ms. Scotten's Integrated Technology classes are creating the essential question that will drive their Project Based Learning assignment. Students quickly realized many drafts are needed before you arrive at the end product. Students have posted their essential questions work in progress in the library. Go check it out!

25 Essential Questions (essentialquestions.org)

7 Characteristics of a good essential questions

CI3T: Revisiting Classroom Expectations

Ms. Hart implements Ms. Zelvy's strategy to revisit classroom expectations! "Each student filled in two stickies – one with an expectation they thought the class was really doing a great job of, and one with an expectation that they thought their class needed to work on. Then each table made two posters. One had their four stickies of what they were crushing and one had the four stickies of what they need to work on. They discussed what they saw on the four stickies to come up with one expectation to put in the middle. Then I looked through the posters from each class to come up with a goal for them to work on. I posted their goals with the golden tickets."

Strategies, Strategies, Strategies

The Entry Ticket may be used to introduce a new concept or review material from the previous day. It is a one of the many ways to assess students' understanding. Students receive the entry ticket at the door when arriving, follow instructions and complete task.

You may choose to use a weekly entry ticket, a daily entry ticket or whatever fits your needs.

Daily template

Weekly template


Ms. Busby teaches her students about growth and fixed mindset and recognizes each student when they make a growth mindset statement.

"We are going to approach this activity with a can do attitude today."

"You might not get this yet but you will get it."

"it's ok if it's not right."

Example of incorporating mindset:

  • Give students a challenging problem to work on.
  • Talk about and normalize struggle so students understand that it’s an important part of the learning process.
  • Encourage students to ask for advice when they’re stuck and to articulate their thinking process.
  • Make use of wait time to allow students the space to think and grapple with the problem.
  • Reflect on the learning experience and explicitly frame struggle as a part of the learning process.

Growth Mindset Made Visible

Tech Bytes!

Discovery Education United Streaming: What You Can Do: Provide students with interactive media, visuals, videos, lesson plans and much more to bring the world to students.

Mr. Davis shared Lynda.com a website dedicated to technology tutorials available to you free through the Lawrence Library! You will need your library card number and a pin to login and explore.