CIS Communications

Week #16: November 30-December 3

Quote of the Week:

"It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it." -John Burroughs

Week #16 Message

Mindset Motivator(s) For This Week:


Name: Patti Back

Mindset(s) Highlighted: Mindset #7: The Time Is Now

Reason For Nomination: Patti Back encapsulates get in the zone every day. She puts 100% effort into every lesson she teaches. She creates thoughtful and meaningful lessons that make learning engaging. Patti is efficient in grading and does a great job of communicating feedback to students and families. Patti is extremely organized and is an asset to her team by making sure they are signed up for things like picture day. Patti embraces every moment and is flexible and a team player to make sure students in 6th grade have meaningful memories from their time at CIS.

Name: Patricia Gear

Mindset(s) Highlighted: Mindset #2: Passion First

Reason For Nomination: I nominate Mrs. Gear because she is always helping students in any situations. Also she stands up for students that can’t speak for themselves.

WE'VE HAD 31 NOMINATIONS SO FAR THIS SCHOOL YEAR! Let's keep it going!! Here is your chance to give a shoutout to your colleagues who are living the mindsets! Your nomination will stay ANONYMOUS, but I will highlight staff members who are living the mindsets each week in our CIS Communications. Help fill the emotional bank accounts of those around you by recognizing their genius and daily efforts.


This Week's Calendar:

Monday, November 29:


Tuesday, November 30:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 1
  • 504 Meeting (K.W.)- 8:15am
  • 504 Meeting (B.P.)- 8:15am
  • Cobb out all afternoon
  • Holiday Fundraiser PICK UP- 6-8pm

Wednesday, December 1:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 2
  • IEP Meeting (T.S.)- 8:10am
  • ETR Meetings (M.M.)- 8:10am
  • Office Meeting- 1:30pm
  • Chess Club- 3:30pm

Thursday, December 2

  • Encore Rotation: Day 3
  • IEP Meeting (J.T.)- 8:10am
  • ETR/IEP Meeting (G.B.)- 8:10am
  • IEP Meeting (D.E.)- 11:00am
  • 5th Grade Movie Night- 3:30pm

Friday, December 3:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 4
  • 504 Meeting (A.L.)- 8:15am
  • WHS Show Choir Assembly- 1:30pm

Look Ahead To Next Week:

Monday, December 6:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 5
  • 504 Meeting (B.S.)- 8:15am
  • Admin Meeting- PM

Tuesday, December 7:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 1
  • ETR/IEP Meeting (A.M.)- 8:10am
  • IEP Meeting (A.M.)- 8:10am

Wednesday, December 8:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 2
  • 504 Meeting (J.J.) In Person- 8:15am
  • 504 Meeting (A.V.)- 8:15am
  • 6th-7th Transition Meeting- PM
  • Office Staff Meeting- 1:30pm
  • Chess Club- 3:30pm
  • Pizza & Pages- 3:30pm
  • 5th Grade Choir Concert- 6:30pm
  • 6th Grade Choir Concert- 7:30pm

Thursday, December 9:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 3
  • IEP Meeting (L.B.)- 8:10am
  • ETR/IEP Meeting (B.H.) In Person- 8:10am
  • Admin Meeting- PM
  • 6th Grade Activity Night- 6-8pm

Friday, December 10:

  • Encore Rotation: Day 4
  • Follow Up Meeting (K.M.)- 8:10am
  • WMS Choir Assembly- 9:50am
  • Class Photo Day- PM

WHS Show Choir Assembly - Friday

We have a twenty minute assembly on Friday as the Wadsworth High School Show Choir will be here from 1:30-1:50. We will have both the 5th and 6th grade in the auditorium at the same time. We are going to use the balcony to provide some additional spacing for students. The Storm/Schmitt/Witmer team and the Doepker/Stoner team should plan to be in the balcony (lowest sections). However, we will not be able to sit every other seat with both grade levels in the auditorium. Please take a couple pictures of your class just in case we need to contact trace.

Here are some additional changes to ensure students/staff get their encore outside of the performance.

Marando HR - Go to Technology at 2:04

Back HR - Go to Art @ 2:45

Martin HR - Go to Library @ 2:04

Winter Staff Celebration - Mark Your Calendars!

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, January 13. That is the day before our PD Day and we are going to organize a staff celebration. It is after the holidays to alleviate any pressure of trying to squeeze something else in before the holidays. You should also save any 'interesting' gifts you receive because we will have a white elephant gift exchange! We will work on the details and get them out to you before the holidays.