Jackson Elementary

Volume 3/Issue 15 December 7, 2015

Cockrell's Corner

I'm off to Camp for the next three days! I'm so EXCITED!!! (This article was written by Mrs. Carthledge)

Carthledge's Chat

We are about half way through the school year. Crazy how time flies when you are having fun! This time of the year the students are really rocking and rolling with their independent reading levels. This week I want us to focus on allowing students to Stop, Think, and React Independently as they read. Using the goals from the Small Group Lessons intervention book, we want students to:

  • Become aware of their own thinking when reading: remembering to stop, think, and react as they read; and jotting down quick thoughts they want to remember.
  • Expand their thinking by talking to each other about what they read.
  • Focus on both the content and the process and understand that both are important to deepen meaning.

Duty Reminder.....

This Week's Duty.... 12/7

  • Bus/Gym- Orozco
  • Cafeteria- Lloyd
  • Cafeteria- Parra
  • Gym- McMillan

Next Week's Duty.... 12/14

  • Bus/Gym- Holderman
  • Cafeteria- Arthur
  • Cafeteria- Czechechowski
  • Gym- Villalpando

Upcoming Events

  • 12/7-12/9 5th Grade Camp
  • 12/8 Computer Class @ 3:00pm
  • 12/9 PLC's
  • 12/10 Staff Party @ 4pm
  • 12/14 NO Tutoring
  • 12/18 Early Release Day

December Birthdays

Kamili Carthledge 12/2

Shelly Arthur 12/4

Brittany Dalton 12/6

Maria Castaneda 12/12

Kelsey Jacks 12/13

Kate Kuwitzky 12/14

Ty Finley 12/17

Debbie Gallegos 12/19

Nancy Shaw 12/23

Lorena Sheilds 12/27

Andrea Cockrell 12/30

Michelle Cox 12/31

Reminders to include in your grade level newsletters

  • Communicate to parents that there will be NO tutoring December 14, 2015
  • Remind parents to help students learn their ID numbers
  • Tardy bell is at 7:45 am
  • If they are planning to change the way their student is going home it needs to be done by 2pm