Super Bowl 50 Commercials

By: Karley Grell

Domestic Violence Ad

Usually Super Bowl ads are funny and support products you use or buy every day. With the exception of the Colgate water commercial, #EveryDropCounts, the Domestic Violence commercial, Text Talk, was one of the serious ads aired in the Super Bowl and made people stop and think during their parties about Domestic Violence and sexual assault.
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Source:, Text Talk (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 50 ad) on YouTube,

February 10, 2016

What is 'Text Talk' Advertising?

This Text Talk ad is advertising some signs of domestic violence or sexual assault and where to get help if you or someone you know is being assaulted. The commercial was made by No More, an organization built around working to stop and help those affected by domestic violence or sexual assault.

Advertising Techniques Used

  • The target audience is the public and people who are in or know somebody in an unhealthy relationship.
  • Struggler- for people who want an escape from their every day lives; describes the person in the ad
  • Resigned- the people who play it safe in life and keep to themselves; for the people watching the ad, NO MORE want the audience to speak up about something they see.
Propaganda Techniques Used:
  • Plain Folks- the NO MORE wanted the viewers to stop and think about their advertisement; usually people tell themselves 'this will never affect me', but it affects other people's lives and families, and NO MORE wants to reach you by making you think about other people's reality.
  • Logos- This ad makes people stop and think about how real domestic violence is and how many people are assaulted every day because of it.


This ad is effective because it is an eye opener for people who don't go through this every day. It shows that there are many ways to spot if someone is being affected by domestic violence or sexual assault, and what you can do to help stop it. The NO MORE uses plain folks and sets up their commercial like a text conversation, so it is easy for people to follow along and understand that the three dots symbolize someone trying to type something. When nothing comes up and the back ground noises get quiet, the viewers realize something is wrong, and the ad displays a phone number for a domestic violence hot line for people that need or know somebody that needs help. NO MORE's ad is effective because it shows something that people do everyday and how it can show if they are being assaulted in any way.

Watch the Super Bowl ad here:

"Text Talk" (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 50 Ad)
Source:, Text Talk (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 50 ad) on YouTube,

February 10, 2016

About No More

No More is an organization made to raise public awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. The organization has a website where it provides information about the foundation, how to help make a difference, and a link to get or give help.