Children's Mercy Hospital

Kansas City, MO

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I have a love for the medical field, and helping people. Being an aspiring Physician I'm curious to know how these families feel that goes unspoken, while having their sick child in the hospital. I'm also curious to see what needs to be improved by the time I hit the profession. I will be taking a 31 day journey shadowing medical staff at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. I will be observing Doctors and Very sick children during the Month of December. To collect data on patients, family, and medical staff I will have review sheets that I will go over daily in the unit . I also have a personal check off list for myself while I observe the unit in the hospital. I will be observing in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Having Interned in an Adult Intensive Care Unit, I will compare the data I collect with my previous experience. I will also be collecting data of my personal growth of many different aspects during this educational, emotional, and personal Journey.



Kansas City, Children's Mercy

Timing (season, length of trip)

December 1st-31st 2015

Mode of Transportation

I will be driving my own car. I would spend about $40 a week in gas and $25 in parking.


Training that I will need is additional mental preparation. To help mentally prepare myself I will read published articles of physicians regarding children's illnesses. I will read articles and journals familiarizing myself with the most current epidemics that children are facing in the season.


One piece of equipment that I would take are my documents, and paper work for the hospital. Another piece of equipment I would take are gifts (consisting of toys ,toiletries, and non perishable items) that I will spent the next year collecting, with the help of local churches and charitable organizations.

Documentation (visa, passport)

I will need HIPAA Documents, and paperwork that the hospital provides. I will use my recommendation letters from my previous internship site. Additional Documentation of vaccinations and TB test within the last 12 months will also be needed.

Language Barriers

One Language Barrier would be medical terminology, so I will study up! Another language barrier would be if the patient or patients family spoke another language.



Food and Drink and estimated cost

I could pack my own food from home or I could eat out so I would need about $10-$20 a week for food.


To communicate I will use my phone at appropriate times.


I already have a job so I would use the money I will be saving to help pay for gas, and occasional food costs.

Anticipated Challenges

I will most certainly face emotional challenges seeing sick children fighting for their lives.


I will need money for Gas, and occasional lunch/dinner.

Questions for myself


1. Is the Family emotionally stable? Is the patient aware of his/her surroundings?

2. Is the patient responding?

3. Is the Doctor communicating with the Patient?

4. Is the patient uncomfortable?

5. Are the nurses and Doctors responding appropriately to the patient being uncomfortable?

6. Is the family asking questions?

7. Does the family already know the Prognosis?

8. Is the family comfortable?

9. Is the family productively communicating with the medical providers?

10. Are questions that the family asks being answered?

11. Is the patient up out of bed at least once a day?

12. Have you interacted with the family/patient, letting them know who you are?


Questions for the family


1. How are you doing?

2. Do you feel like the Physicians are communicating properly with you?

3. Do you ever feel out of the loop?

4. Are the nurses friendly when they are in the room?

5. Do the Health care providers interact with your child?

6. Do you feel like the Doctors and Nurses are doing everything they can to help your child?

7. Do you feel like your child is comfortable?

8. Do you have any concerns?

9. Are questions and concerns that you bring to the Doctor or Nurses attention being answered?

10. Do you feel like the answers are to the point, or beating around the bush?

11. 1-10 how would you rate the care given to your child? 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best.

12. Do you need anything?


Questions for the Physician


1. How do you emotionally prepare for these cases?

2. How do you emotionally prepare for family meetings?

3. Are there days where you don’t enjoy your job?

4. What cases if any bother you enough to keep you up at night?

5. Is there anything special that you do for the sick children and their families?

6. If a child is violently ill, when is death discussed with the family?

7. Do you let the parents tell the child the prognosis if they wish to?

8. Do you ever ask yourself if there is more you could be doing?

9. When you face a hard decision with a patient, who do you confide in?

10. Where do you go when you’re emotionally distraught?

11. How has working with children changed your perspectives?


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