Benifits of Edamame

By: Kenzie Floyd

10 Facts

1. Edamame beans taste like sweet lima beans, but their texture is firmer. You can add edamame to salads, soups, or stir-fried vegetables.

2.Though it's usually associated with Japanese cuisine, edamame originated in China.

3. Single cup of edamame is only 189 calories.

4. Edamame may look like an ordinary little bean. But it's a nutritional giant loaded with protein.

5. Edamame is the only vegetable in the world that contains all nine essential amino acids.

6. Nearly all Japanese restaurants serve edamame, but fresh pods are hard to find in the United States. Most large supermarkets sell frozen edamame, shelled and unshelled.

7. Edamame are immature soybeans that are in pods. They are green!

8. In the U.S., they’ve become much more popular in the last couple years because of their high nutritional value. They’re delicious to snack on and can keep you full

9. Soybeans can be steamed or boiled, and some people don’t just eat the beans. The pods are edible too!

10. Edamame are popular in Asia, specifically Japan, Korea and China