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Rock Creek Elementary- April 23, 2020

Newsletter for Rock Creek Elementary School

Rock Creek is a candidate school for
the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

"We empower all students to achieve post-high school success"

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we passed out Chromebooks over the past two weeks, I could see the emotion and exhaustion in your faces. Coming to school, seeing familiar faces, wishing for a year that was meant to be instead of one that limits human contact was a lot for anyone to grasp. While Zoom can connect us in ways that would not have been possible years ago, it is no substitute for what we had and will have months from now. We are working on finding ways to keep the connection between staff and students remotely and will continue to do so until we can get back to business as usual. We want our students and their families to know that they truly matter to us and that we miss everyone SO much!

This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week. The volunteers at Rock Creek give a tremendous amount of their time to ensure that the students have an enriching experience and a community that feels connected. We want all of our volunteers to know that we appreciate the time and energy you spend for students and families at Rock Creek. You are second to none and a very important part of our community. Thank you!

Teacher’s learning curves have been quite steep over the past month, and so have the learning curves of the students’ parents. We know that most parents are not trained classroom teachers and have found being their child’s tutor rather difficult if not frustrating. Additionally, being able to give feedback to your child “in the moment” is not always welcomed by your little learners. This is not completely different than what we experience at school. The difference? Many students are more likely to challenge their loved one at home than their loved teacher at school. They understand the role of the teacher at school. The parent at home has a much broader and different role. Give yourself grace when trying to move your child forward with academics. Much learning comes from time, reflection and experience. Ask questions, cheer your learner on when facing difficult assignments, and know that we will have your back and support your child’s learning when they return to school. While our teachers are not able to give feedback to their students in the same manner they could without the virus, we know your feedback in helping students feel positively about their learning will have a lasting effect.

Some have asked what the difference is between Phase 2 and Phase 3 learning. Phase 2 learning was supplemental and optional lessons that covered previous learning. Phase 3 learning covers new standards with new learning. Parents are asked to support their child by having them participate in lessons and by giving feedback similarly to a tutor. This learning happens at a time that work best for the family. Lessons are recorded if students cannot participate in live Zoom meetings. Students that do not have access to internet are given other means to learn such as packets. This is called asynchronous learning.

This Friday is a teacher workday/professional development day. Please note that teachers will not be contacting students on this day.

Wishing everyone good health, sunny days, and a week filled with learning!


From our Music & PE Teachers

Parents, if your child is using Google Classroom for their regular student learning, please have them check their Seesaw account as well. Specialists are posting lessons on Seesaw as a means of teaching Rock Creek Students. Thank you!

Student Plans for 2020-2021 School Year

To help us plan for next year please complete this short form to let us know if your student will not be attending for the 2020-2021 school year or if you are unsure if they will be attending. Student plans for 2020-2021

As we start to form classes for next year, grade level teams use a number of data points about each student. If you have input that will help understand your students specific needs please fill out this form by May 15th. Parent Input Form (This is our new electronic "blue" form and is not required)

From The Library

Hello from Mrs. Hilger. I have received a couple emails about having overdue books. The Beaverton School District knows that all books that have been checked out are overdue. Please don't worry. You don't have the opportunity to turn the books in, I am not sending out any overdue notices because of this. I am sure you are taking very good care of those books and there will be a date when we find out that they can all be turned in. Right now just keep reading them and all of the other books you have access to. Don't forget you can go to the Sora app and use your public library card to check out books online. The BSD online library page also has great information where you can do research and find articles to read. Looking forward to seeing you all again when we can.

Connie Hilger

Rock Creek LMA

Big picture

We Love Our Volunteers!

Since we are unable to hold our Volunteer Appreciation Dessert, Rock Creek Staff want all of our Wonderful Volunteers to know how much we appreciate and value each and every one of you!!

Also a huge debt of gratitude goes out to our PTC board!

President: Sharon Zell- Thank you for all your support and heart for our students and staff! This is a big role and you have shined!

1st VP: Lindsey Holcomb- Thank you for all your enthusiasm and heart for Rock Creek!

2nd VP: Jeff Rust- Thank you for all the behind the scenes fundraising and more!!

Secretary: Shannon Marsoun- Thank you for your organization and big smile!!

Volunteer Coordinators: Nancy Wiggins & Katie McNeeley- You two have been simply amazing, we ask and you deliver with a smile!!!

Communications Coordinator: LeAnn Gentry- You are absolutely outstanding with all the Rock Creek Communication and PTC Facebook!

Treasurer: Kerstin Oberwagner- Thank you for all your patience, diligence and support!

Past President: Jenny Sawyer- Thank you for all you bringing staff treats, movie nights, helping with literally everything!

Just a Shout Out to some of our Event Coordinators and teams:

Rocket Run- Marianthe & Chris Tufts and team!!

Carnival- Wendy Scoles and her team!!

Blast Off Benefit- Sarah Whitefield, Erin Harrington, Kimberly Schultz and their team!!

OBOB- Katie Murry and her team!!

Recess Runners: Sarah Morriss, Molly Penna and all the wonderful volunteers!

Jump Rope Club: Sarah Morris and her team!! (This is Sarah's last year as a Rock Creek volunteer and she and her teammate Molly Penna are leaving big shoes to fill!!)

Art Literacy: Amanda Rust and all her fabulous volunteers!

Room Party: Rowan Wepener and all the party volunteers!

5th Grade Events: Jenny Sawyer, Jessica Laird and team!

Oregon Experience Day: Kristina Cook and all the volunteers!

Square 1 Art: Leda Mareth

Thank you to all the volunteers that help with reading, production work, providing food, donations, counting laps, class parties, cafeteria help, jump rope club, math help, emergency preparedness, classroom help, field trips, making masks, library help, art literacy, event help and more!! This school could not function without you all!!

volunteers always needed forever appreciated

Remote Classrooms

Are you wondering what your teacher's new remote classroom looks like? Rock Creek teachers are sharing photos of their new remote learning environments!
Mrs. Rees Classroom

Check it Out! Rock Creek's Virtual Assembly

Please click the link for Rock Creek's 3rd virtual assembly!

Rock Creek Virtual Assembly

Want to show your talent in upcoming assemblies?

See the guidelines below!

Register for 2020/2021 Kindergarten Online!

SeeSaw Webiners for Families

BSD Parents & Families: Learn tips for navigating Seesaw by attending one of our webinars on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. The free 30-minute webinars will be offered at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. You also have the option of watching the webinars on the District Facebook page. We will be recording them and posting them to YouTube after the events.

2 p.m. webinar:

Password: Seesaw4Fam

7 p.m. webinar:

Password: Seesaw4Fam.

Counselor's Corner

Assistance for Families

During these changing times, we are aware that some families may experience loss of income or a reduction in income.

Our counselor, Michelle Solberg can help connect families with resources 503-356-2454 or

Families can directly contact The Pantry
Their hours are Tuesdays 9-12 & 4-7

They are located at 4470 NW 185th Ave

Portland, OR 97229

Helpful Tips

Resources for Parents:

Sometimes the best way to build our own resilience is to send our best intentions out for those around us. Send some loving-kindness into the world with this practice for adults.

Loving-Kindness For Adults

Self-Compassion Break Practice for Adults

Breathe For Change

Childcare Referral Hotline for Essential Workers

Oregon has set up a Childcare referral hotline for Essential Workers during the COVID-19 Crisis. Examples of categories and occupations considered Essential Workers can be found here. The attached information sheet will show how families are prioritized for childcare. Please share as needed to those who might benefit from this resource as they carry on critical functions.

Additionally, Oregon's Early Learning Division (ELD) is actively recruiting childcare substitutes. People can apply to be a substitute here. Please share with anyone you know looking for Childcare work who might be willing to support your colleagues and neighbors performing vital missions.

UPDATES from Beaverton School District

Important Information and resources

Phase 3 - Remote Learning

On Monday, April 13, 2020, we will begin Phase 3 of our Remote Learning Plan that will carry us through the remainder of the school year, June 12, 2020.

Attached you will find three documents, the Remote Learning Parent Letter, What Does Remote Learning Look Like, and the Four Pillars of Remote Learning. We know this is a lot of information, and you will have a lot of questions. We have created a form for you to ask those questions on our Remote Learning webpage. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time and we will work to answer them as quickly as possible.

Remote Learning Parent Letter

What Does Remote Learning Look Like

Four Pillars of Remote Learning

Student Help Desk is Available

Please contact the Student Help Desk if your student(s) need help with BSD student devices or applications. Students can email the help desk at or call (503) 356-4656 for support. Ensure you include a student/parent name, school, student number, and a phone contact number. Please visit this link for more information.

Chromebooks For Elementary Students

Parents or guardians of elementary students still needing a Chromebook should inform their child’s teacher. Teachers will collect this information and schools will follow up with you for Chromebook pick-up instructions.

If students and families need access to translation and interpretation services, please use this phone number list to leave a message with a bilingual facilitator or complete this online form and someone will contact you. Additionally, all translated COVID-19 related materials can be found on the COVID-19 Resources webpage under each of the language tabs.


Every Friday night April 10, 2020 through June 12, 2020 at 8:20 p.m. (20:20 military time), all BSD stadiums will light up for 20 minutes in honor of our seniors. Please do not congregate on or near stadiums and observe all social distancing rules.

Grab and Go Meals/Bus Stop Meal Distribution Update

K-12 students and children ages 1-18 years old may pick up meals at any of the dedicated sites for the Grab and Go Meals. Meals are also available at a number of bus stops. Children do not have to be a student at a particular school to receive meals. Here is a link with more information. Beginning Monday, April 13, Westview High School will be added as an additional Grab & Go school site.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

If your family has been financially impacted by the coronavirus crisis, you may qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. SNAP offers food benefits to eligible, low-income individuals and families. Those qualifying for SNAP benefits are automatically qualified for school Meal Benefits as well. See if you are eligible and learn how to apply for benefits by visiting:

Schools are Closed/Trespassing

As per Governor Brown’s direction all schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. Community members continue to gather on school property – in parking lots, fields, and stadiums – and this is trespassing. District Administrators may contact law enforcement and report trespassers as needed. Approved events where community may come to schools include Wi-Fi access for families, Chromebook distribution, and other school led events.

Remote Learning Photos

We want to take this opportunity to remind our families to respect the privacy of other students, and not to take and/or share photos/screenshots of children who are not their own during Remote Learning activities, including virtual classroom instruction and meetings.

The District policy remains the same for Remote Learning - any student who has been opted out of Directory/Media Exclude will not be included in any photographs or videos shared by schools or the District.

The Wellness Weekly

We hope you and yours are safe and well. We appreciate all you are doing every day to maintain that safety and wellness for you, your family and your school community. You matter and your work matters. We know this pandemic is associated with increased uncertainty and stress. We also know using trauma-informed approaches (like resilience) to promote wellness we can actively grow those parts of our brains that will help us weather adversity and bounce back better when we can finally get back to being in the same room with each other.

To that end, please read the first issue of The Wellness Weekly

Safe Routes to School WE Walk Challenge

Thank you to our District Families for participating in the first week of the Safe Routes to School April #WEwalkchallenge! So many amazing photos of flowers were submitted! The winner for week #1 is Anna Hoffmann, kindergarten student at Oak Hills Elementary. She will receive a new bike helmet when school resumes! Congratulations, Anna!

This week we are encouraging families to submit photos of insects and bugs and will select another helmet winner at the end of the week.

Middle School Boundary Adjustment Process Postponed

Due to the closure of the District for the remainder of the current school year, the Middle School Attendance Boundary (MSBA) Advisory Committee will not resume its meetings during the time of school building closure. If reopening of school buildings is authorized by Governor Brown, the District will reconvene the MSBA advisory committee in August 2020. The District will post notice of the next committee meeting at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. Opportunity to submit written comment will resume at the same time notice is posted.

Student Enrollment and Incoming 2020-2021 Kindergarten Enrollemnt

The Beaverton School District began the Remote Learning Plan on Monday, April 6, 2020. As of that date, teachers began working with students. Schools are to begin processing student enrollments to ensure we are serving those students new to our community and those who were made inactive during the COVID-19 school closure.

For students returning to the Beaverton School District (who were withdrawn) please contact your school for re-enrollment guidance. For students new to the Beaverton School District including 2020-2021Kindergarteners, please visit the Online Registration Webpage.

Staff will mark students active in this situation, and make the effective enrollment date Monday, April 6, 2020. Requests to withdraw a student from the Beaverton School District will be processed in the same way as before school closure. Please contact your school regarding withdrawals. Oregon requires children to be either enrolled in a public school, private school, or registered as a homeschool student with their local Education Service District.

Donate to the Beaverton Schools Community Resources Fund

The Beaverton School District is now accepting donations from the greater Beaverton community to support community-wide efforts to provide food boxes, toiletries and other essential items to our families during this emergency situation. Food Banks are working hard to remain stocked to feed communities. There are many Beaverton families who struggle economically even in the best of times, and this fund will enable the Beaverton School District to work with community partners to serve our families. We use this fund to triple the buying power and thus increase the amount of families we can serve, a number that increases daily. Pass this on to friends and neighbors (we can also honor matching dollars!)

To make a donation to the Beaverton Schools Community Resources Fund, visit,

  1. Select “Beaverton School District” under School

  2. Select “Beaverton Schools Community Resources Fund” under Item

  3. Add a donation amount

  4. Click on Buy

  5. Click on Checkout

We started by serving 200 families and are currently serving 650 families. WE would love to serve more ...and more often. Please consider donating to the Beaverton Schools Community Resources Fund today! Together WE are better!

Personal Items Pick-Up Coming Soon

Personal Items left in classrooms will be packed up and made available for families to pick up soon.

Each school has been given the following direction:

· Students, families, and non-BSD employees are not allowed in the schools at any time.

· Principals and/or school staff will be the only personnel to access school lockers, cubbies or desks.

· Principals and/or school staff will use nitrile gloves when collecting items.

· Student items will be collected and placed in one plastic bag and labeled with the student’s name.

We will send an email out when the items are ready for curbside pick-up. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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