Black Friday

Get your deals now!

By: Brittany Grimaldo

Who doesn't like the deals and prices on items during Black Friday? I should say, the so-called "deals." Being the reader and most creative in the family, I decided to do a little shopping at the book store. On my way to Barnes and Nobles however, there were three people standing on the corner in front of Target protesting. Their signs read "Black Lives Matter." I didn't think much of it at first and went on shopping. It was when I was on my way home that I realized just three people could make a huge impact.

After leaving the store with my two best friends, we could hear a faint mumble of voices and a variety of car horns. As we drove the way we came we spotted the source of all the noises. Along a whole block, where the old Borders use to be, there were people lined up with signs and costumes. They were shouting and chanting at the cars as they drove by. We got caught by the red light and were able to hear them yell "….The police system isn't fair!" and "Stop the violence!" They were protesting against the police on the Furgeson case.

When I had gotten home I talked to my grandmother about the issue. I even mentioned that once the majority of the group was protesting the other side started yelling back "This is not what we're protesting for." It sparked my curiosity and my grandmother sighed. "They're not protesting for the case, but for people to stop shopping today." She then went on to explain her reasons and viewpoints of "Black Friday Shopping."

What struck as odd was just when the light had turned green at the intersection, a couple police were pulling into the parking lot and motioning for the group to leave. They were being peaceful and they had the right to assemble. So why make a big deal out of them leaving? I believe our rights aren't as protected or stood for as they should be. If they want to protest without causing any harm then I say let them do it. They're not physically damaging any property or person.

In conclusion, may our right to assemble is looked onto as more of a privilege. We are getting our rights taken away. It really stood out that maybe we can't do a lot of things are amendments tell us we can without paying a price.