Law Enforcement of Junction City

Junction City Kansas Police Department

Basic Information:

Job Title: Police Officer

Salary at Entry level: $18.94 per hour

Location: 210 East Ninth St. Junction City, KS 66441

Coordinates: 39.0275 degrees North, 96.8403 degrees West

Job Description:

You will work in partnership with the community of Junction City to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens. Using a wide range of technology to protect individuals, identify the perpetrators of crime and ensure successful prosecutions against those who break the law.

Places of Interest Nearby

More Points of Interest..

Atomic Cannon: The canon is an easy 10 to 15 minute hike/ walk, easily visible and a unique piece of history

C.L. Hoover Opera House: Which is a lovely, very beautiful theater with comfortable seats, excellent lighting and a wonderful stage


Compared to the rest of the country, Junction City's cost of living is 12.60% Lower than the U.S. average

The unemployment rate is 5.5% with a comparison to the national percentage at 6.3%. The employment rate has increased .68%. So finding/ acquiring a job will not be an issue or set back. Being in Junction City will be a reasonable but suitable work/ living environment.


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