AirPhones Review - Does It Work

Does AirPhones Work? Read Our Special Report

Want some cool, fully wireless in-ear earphones but not looking to spend a fortune? The phenomenal Airphones Bluetooth headphones should be your best bet. Rated five stars by many people already using them, this pair of truly wireless earphones will take your music experience to the next level. Read on for a comprehensive review of the earphones and find out why you should order them today.

What are AirPhones?

Airphones are wireless Bluetooth earphones that come with great sound quality and top features that are taking, giving even some top brands a run for their money. The in-ear earphones are battery-powered and come with an exceptional charging case, which you can also use to charge a smartphone.

The earphones have built-in noise-canceling features to ensure that the noise around you doesn’t spoil your listening. Ideal for smartphone users, AirPhones let you make and receive calls by pressing a button on them. The headset uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and pairs with virtually any device. You can play music with your Android or iOS device, as well as with your PC.

With the innovative features, plus the fact they are relatively cheaper than most products of similar quality, Airphones earphones are among the best wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones you can hope to find on the shelves today.

Why do I Need AirPhones Wireless Earphones?

Airphones are among the most secure and comfortable wireless earphones out there. Unlike many similar devices that will fall off the ear every two minutes, AirPhones will immovably stay in the pinna even when you are running or working out in the gym. Their ergonomic design sees to this. And since they are 100% wireless, they won’t be distracting your workouts. The fact that they are also lightweight adds to the comfort you’ll get using them.

As noted earlier, AirPhones are battery-powered. With a single charge, you get up to four hours of music playback and up to two-and-half hours of talk time. But that’s not even the best time, it only takes thirty minutes to recharge the earphones, and you can do this on the go. Just drop your charging case in your pocket or bag for easy charging when heading out and listen to music without limits.

If listening to music isn’t your thing, but you’re looking for a simple and comfortable way to make and receive calls hands-free when driving or walking, AirPhones will serve you well. They have built-in high-performance microphones that have the adaptive noise reduction technology, which ensures that no matter what is going on around you, your voice is always clear. Some hands-free features that come with these earbuds include call answer, call notifications, third party calls, and redial.

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AirPhones Rating and Benefits

We compared these earphones with a similar product from a different brand and promptly realized that they truly are amazing. They work just as the manufacturer claims, and the sound quality is better than most similar devices can offer. Their unique ergonomic design makes them stick in the ears and not come out no matter what developments you make in the gym or while running. Even with high perspiration while working out, the earphones still work just right because they are sweat-safe.

Some of the things we liked about AirPhones include:

  • Their charging case which holds up to 80 hours of battery life
  • The hands-free features that they come with. They allow you to make and receive calls, redial, as well as third party calls. They even give you call notifications.
  • They have active noise-canceling, which means no sound leakage.
  • The charging case comes with a one-of-a-kind swivel design which keeps charging ports free from dirt and dust.

AirPhones Key Features

Some of the outstanding features of these earbuds include

Active Noise-Cancelling

The built-in noise-canceling ensures that there is no sound leakage, giving you even better sound quality. The noises around you distract your listening.

Ergonomic Design

Unlike the average earphones that you keep inserting back into the ears after every two seconds, Airphones headphones are design to immovably stick in the ears. No matter what you are doing- jogging, running, or working out in the gym- these earphones will not fall off.


Even with a lot of sweating during workouts, we noticed that the earphones still worked normally. This feature makes them ideal for people who like listening to music while doing sport or working out.

Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

This is the latest Bluetooth technology, which has made pairing a lot easier. With this technology, Airphones are able to be with virtually any device. You can use them with iOS or Android devices, as well as with your PC. The Bluetooth technology also delivers crystal clear sound and gives you an exceptionally high-quality HD stereo audio.

Charging on the go

The charging case allows you to charge the earbuds on the go and listen to music without limits. The case itself is lightweight and allows up to 80 hours of battery life. It also has a unique design that’s dirt and dust-resistant. With a full battery, you can listen to music for four straight hours and talk for up to two-and-half hours.

AirPhones Reviews

Apparently, this headset has many fans out there. A simple Google search returns several customer reviews, most of which are praising the product. While there are few customers that are not entirely impressed, it’s safe to conclude that this is one of the best wireless Bluetooth earphones out there today.

Where to Buy AirPhones

Order the earphones today by visiting the product website. The company is giving new customers a 50% discount on every purchase so you might want to take advantage of the limited offer. They are also giving free deliveries, so once you place your order, expect your package at your doorstep at no extra cost.

I must mention that the company’s has great customer service. They promptly answered all our queries and were quick to help. You can contact them through +44 20 3808 9234 or send them an email via

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