How to Say 'No'

Everything from What 'Yes' looks like to saying 'No'

By, Jasa and Sasha Mahlen


Consent is giving permission for something to happen or and agreement to do something. In this case, consent is for two people to engage in sexual orientation. Having consent from your partner is very important because they may or may not be ready. With out a clear "Yes" from your partner, you do not have consent. "Yes" means yes and "No" means no. Do not try to force your partner into anything they are not comfortable doing.

What does Consent Look Like?

For starters, consent starts with "Yes". Without the "Yes" nothing can happen. They have to be excited and enthusiastic about going on this journey with you. Consent is not when your partner is giving in, that is forcing them to do something they do not truly want to do. Any sexual conduct without consent is considered rape.

How to Say "No" and Abstain from Sexual Behaviors

Talking about sex is awkward. Especially when you and your partner are not on the same page. If you are not ready to cross that line, just say no. The best way to say no is for you and your partner to have a meaningful conversation about boundaries so, that you both are comfortable with the decision. Each person has a right to their own body and whats done with it. If someone is forcing you should leave the situation as soon as possible and contact help.


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