The Early First Nations Poeple of the Plateau region

By: Ryan

Social Organization

In the Plateau region the social organization that I learned about was a little different then the others. In the plateau first nations I found the men where the major decision makers. Also I learned that in every village there are a number of chief or headman. Then I learned that they got a lot of history and information from the elders in the town.

Food Resouces

The food resources of the plateau first nations region. The primary food for the plateau first nations region is salmon. Some of the other stuff that they gatherd was some other sort of fish. They also gatherd berries and herbs for food and medicines. They also gatherd vegitibles for other medicines and for food. They as well ate baffalo and some other types of meat.


The plateau first nations homes. The plateau first nations houses were sort of different. The way the houses were made was they would dig about six to seven feet in the ground. Then they rool out a carpet made from animal skins and hides. Then they would make a roof that has a hole in the top so smoke can get out.

Modes of Transportation

The plateau first nations used some stuff to get around. In the winter the plateau first nations used some sort of snow shoe to get around. In the summer and spring they used another type canoe. Most of the canoes that they made were from red cedar or cottonwood.


The plateau first nations clothing. The plateau first nations clothing that they whore was mostly tunics,leggings and moccasins. Sometimes the plateau first nations would decorate ther clothing with different stuff. Some of the stuff they would use dentalia sheels and sometimes paint and some other stuff. They would make different paderns.

Spiritual Beliefs