Walt Disney

By: Jennifer Iseman


Born on December 5,1901, in Hermosa, Illinois, Walt Disney was one of five children. He lived a l chunk of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri. It was there where he began experimenting with art. He even sold what he made to his friends, family, and neighbors. He moved from Marceline to Kansas City, Missouri in 1911. He also developed a love for trains while in Kansas City and actually got a job that summer working at a train station selling newspapers and snacks to travelers. He wanted to join the army in WW1 but was only 16, so he was rejected. He didn't give up there though. He joined the Red Cross and drove an ambulance in France for a year. When he came back, he began getting into what he’s known for, film and cartoon production. His first job in this field was at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. While he worked there, he began experimenting with cameras and doing hand-drawn cel animation and decided to make his own animation business. A deal was made with a local KC theater to play their cartoons called Laugh-O-Grams which became so popular, Disney was able to buy his own studio. Disney and his employees made more productions but in 1923, they were forced to declare bankruptcy. He and his brother, Roy pooled up their money and moved to Hollywood where it all truly began.

Impact Disney Made

Disney made a very positive impact of happiness in the 1920s. After the war people now had free time and he gave people something to do to make them entertained and enjoy themselves, which was in short supply during the war.