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School Newsletter — October 23rd, 2019

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Lost and Found—Please check for lost items during Fall Conferences

Our lost and found is overly full! Please be sure to check for your child's missing items when you come for Fall Conferences October 23rd or 24th. Items not claimed will be donated to the Beaverton Clothes Closet.

Label your child's personal items!

  • You can help ensure your child gets items returned by writing his/her name with permanent marker on the tags.

  • Remind your child to put mittens, hats, sweatshirts in his/her backpack when they take it off

As the year progresses, unclaimed and unlabeled items will be donated to the Beaverton Clothes Closet monthly.

Note from the Principal

Dear Hazeldale Families,

Fall Goal Setting Conferences

Teachers have been hard at work teaching expectations, getting to know your child, and learning what their individual strengths and learning styles are. Fall Goal Setting Conferences are an excellent opportunity to continue building a strong school and home partnership.

At your child’s Fall Goal Setting Conference your child’s teacher will collaborate with you regarding your child’s performance in school. Together you will collaborate regarding goals for your child.

Working with you for kids,

Angela Tran


Family Game Night—Mark Your Calendars for Thursday, November 21st 5:30-7 pm

Back by Popular Demand of Families & Staff

Family Game Night with All Your Teachers!

Thursday, November 21st

5:30-7:00 pm

5:30-6 pm *Pizza Meet & Greet

*Think appetizers for the family vs. dinner

6:00-7:00 pm Game Options & Book Swap Opens

ALL the teachers will be here!

Give One Get One Book Swap

(Don’t worry if you forget to donate or bring a book to exchange!)



  • Game will be sent home with your child following the event!
  • You have to come and turn in your wish list/feedback sheet in order to receive a game, however.

Playing board games, card games, and any other fun games are ways to connect with other people in a lighthearted way while also developing critical thinking skills such as memory, strategy, literacy, arithmetic, visual patterns, and more.

Besides, who doesn’t love playing games? I love games. I think all kids love games.

Games are just plain fun.

· The Best Kids Board Games and Card Games: http://artfulparent.com/2014/09/best-kids-board-games-card-games.html

· The Benefits of Board Games: http://www.scholastic.com/parents/resources/article/creativity-play/benefits-board-games

· 5 Board Games that Promote Speech-Language: http://nspt4kids.com/parenting/5-board-games-that-promote-speech-language-skills/

· Encouraging Language Skills During Family Board Games: http://nspt4kids.com/parenting/encouraging-language-skills-during-family-board-games/

How Board Games Help Kids Develop Skills


By Team iDiva | posted Mar 4th 2014 at 3:32PM

Do you need a new mode of entertainment for your kids, especially something that’s gadget-free, educational and fun? In such a case, engaging them with classic board games is a good idea. Besides being fun, they also teach your children strategy skills, colours, teamwork and is great way to bond with the whole family.

Traditional board games include Chess, Chinese Checkers, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, to name a few. At the turn of the 19th century, a number of new games were invented such as Life, Monopoly and Scrabble which became family heirlooms. It is only in very recent times that, we have seen a spurt of interest in strategy-based games involving adults who use advanced tactics during game play. The Settlers of Catan (a multiplayer board game where the players become settlers trying to trade property and gain resources) is one such game that originated in Germany. These will keep the older kids engaged.

Now, let’s move onto the benefits of board games:

1. Bonding Time: Board games are the best way for children to bond with their friends and family. We live in an age when everyone is busy with gadgets, therefore it’s important to build a platform for communication that will allow kids to understand their parents and be understood in return. Moreover, it also creates time for some fun.

2. Learning Skills: Playing board games can be more than just fun. These games are a great mechanism to test an individual’s intelligence, strategy and skills. The way a person understands and reacts to different situations is what makes the game interesting and different every time it is played. Younger children will also learn colours, shapes, figures and numbers better and faster while they play these games.

3. Life Lessons: Remember that Snake & Ladders game you grew up playing, it is a great way to teach young kids about numbers. Similarly games like Ludo, Business and Monopoly are a great way to learn strategy skills. Games like Scrabble and Soduku help develop language and math skills.

4. Problem Solving Skills: Problem solving is an important skill that every kid must learn and board games are a stepping stone to acquiring these skills, as they try to recover from a heavy debt in Monopoly or avoid a crisis in the Game of Life.

5. Budget Entertainment: A movie ticket, a visit to the nearest mall or a tour to the park will cost you money. But getting your hands on a board game will only lead to fun moments that you will cherish.

With inputs from Dr. Shyam Makhija, Director, Business Development - Pegasus ToyKraft Pvt.Ltd and founder of Checolo, a new board game that is fun as well as educational.

Upcoming Events

Key Dates and Events Coming Up:

  • Wednesday, October 23rd—Conferences 4- 8 pm (regular school day for students)
  • Thursday, October 24th—Conferences 12 - 8 pm (no school for students)
  • Friday, October 25th—No school for staff or students (compensation day for two 12 hour conference days)

  • Friday, November 1st—No school for students (Grading Day)
  • Sunday, November 3rd—Daylight Savings Ends (Fall Back)
  • Monday, November 4th—Art Literacy Training 10-11 am
  • Thursday, November 7th—PTO Dining for Dollars at Papa's Pizza (you'll need to bring a flyer - coming soon!)
  • Friday, November 8th—Vision Screening
  • Friday, November 8th—PTO Popcorn Friday—This year PTO is making sure all students receive a bag of popcorn!
  • Monday, November 11th—No School—Veterans' Day
  • Friday, November 15th—Picture Retake Day
  • Friday, November 15th—Principal's Coffee and Chat 8:35 am in Multipurpose Conference Room (our all school assembly is at 9:30 am and the section of bleachers closest to the gym entrance doors is reserved for guests)
  • Monday, November 18th—PTO Meeting 6:30 pm in Multipurpose Conference Room
  • Thursday, November 21st—All Staff Facilitated FAMILY GAME NIGHT! 5:30-7 pm
  • Wednesday through Friday, November 27th - 29th—No School (Thanksgiving Week)
  • Monday, December 2nd—No School for Students—Staff Development Day

District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

Hazeldale’s Mission and Vision

Hazeldale Elementary School works to support and inspire every child to think, to learn, to care, and to engage with power and agency in a changing world.

We provide a learning environment and instruction that promotes engagement, academic excellence, self-confidence, independence, risk and resilience. We foster respect, an appreciation of self and others, and collaboration through inquiry, exploration, goal setting, and service.

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