Of Samos

What was Pythagoras known for?

Pythagoras was well-known for being a mathematician, scientist and a religious teacher and also a philosophy teacher . He is often hailed as the first great mathematician. Pythagoras was also looked upon for discovering the Pythagorean theorem that was used in geometry.

The Early Years of Pythagoras

Pythagoras was born around 580 B.C. on a small island of Samos in the eastern region, this area is close to Asia , which in modern day is western Turkey. Parthenis was Pythagoras's mother who was native to Samos. His father , Mnesarchus , was a wealthy merchant of Phoenician who had settled on Samos.

Who influenced Pythagoras?

Mnesarchus made sure his son had every chance he had to achieve excellence , he gave his son tutors who taught Pythagoras philosophy, athletics, music, and paintings, Pherecydes was a strong influence on his young student Pythagoras , because Pythagoras will later on use some key points of his teacher's philosophy into his own teachings.

The Pythagorean Theorem

The Pythagorean Theorem was named after Pythagoras himself, because although he was not the first one to discover this theorem he made it easier to learn by simplifying it, and we use this theorem a lot in Mathematics and Geometry til this day.