By: Elijah Bailey

capitals and major cities

La paz and Sucre the major cities are La paz, Sucre, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba

background information History

Bolivia was controlled by Spain Bolivia gained its independence in 1809
the official language is Spanish.
Bolivia's flag has three stripes red,yellow,green
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Geografical information

where is Bolivia is in central south America
Bolivia is bordered by argentina,Brazil,Chile,Paraguay,and Peru.
The population is 8,857,870
the goverment type is republic of Bolivia
The leader is Evo Marales
The currency is Centavos
The Economic system is very rich in nature resources
but also lacking on Revolutionaries

why should people visit Bolivia

over in Bolivia there are early hot springs, also they have dirt bike races, they have these partys called chicharron party's

what should tourist see and do

Tourist should go to the Sunday night football games.Tourist should also try going to the pool in early spring.
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