January Tech Connect


New Year, New Newsletter!

Google Slides allows users a couple of fantastic options for newsletters. While using Slides in a traditional presentation mode can create an attractive, well-organized mode of communication, when it is incorporated with your Google Sites it allows teachers to continually change the appearance of their website with very little work. Because Sites and Slides are both Google apps, when the Slides newsletter is updated it automatically updates within the website. Another benefit of using Slides, is the ability to change the slide layout to an 8.5 X 11 size slide. See the video below for more information on replicating a newsletter similar to Microsoft Publisher.

**When sharing your Google Slide newsletter, by downloading it in a pdf format, all users will be able view the information with or without a Google account.

Design a Newsletter in Google Slides

Free Virtual Literature Field Trips to Match Your Reading


In just a few simple steps, let your students follow their character's footsteps while they read!

Sporcle: Game Show quizzes

Earn badges, race against time, and review topics such as geography, science, history, and literature.

Get Up and Move

Go Noodle allows teachers to create accounts where students can participate interactively with the provided videos. Go Noodle can be used for brain breaks, indoor recess, or just allow students the increased kinesthetics they are in need of. Create an account and use the links below to search through some popular videos sorted by categories.

  1. Testing: Calming category.

  2. Indoor Recess: Mega-mixes.

  3. Mindfulness: Think About It.

  4. Great for boys: Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

  5. Special needs favorite: Mr. Catman.

  6. Sluggish afternoons: Zumba Kids.

  7. Bouncing-off-the-walls energy: Free movement category.

  8. Older grades: Fresh Start Fitness.

  9. Younger Grades: Maximo.

  10. Celebration: Guided Dancing category.

Crumple and Shoot

A high energy, cooperative game which is great for reviewing any content.