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September 19th - September 23rd, 2016


Reading - Read with your student for at least 20 minutes every night. Write the book titles on the reading log. Write the time spent reading, total it up and sign. Should add up to be 100 mins or higher. (Sign and Return the log by Monday, September 26th, 2016) (Letter and Little Books Count!)

2. Letter and Sight Word Practice:

This week’s sight words:

the, me, am, yellow, two

1. Practice reading and saying letters and words, and sounds in yellow Sight Word Folder. (See directions on folder)

2. Sight Word Activities: Complete attached sight word activities. Due on Friday!

Writing-Practice writing first and last names (Using upper and lowercase letters). Practice writing A-Z (Upper and Lower Case letters). (paper provided)

Math- Geometric Shapes: Have your students walk around the house or while you are out shopping, going to activities seek and find 2-D and 3-D shapes in their world.

This Week’s Lessons:

Reading- We will be learning about how a reader makes predictions, asks and answers questions about a story and retells stories that they read.

Word Study: Review letters (uppercase, lowercase and sounds), Rhyming Words and Syllables (word parts).

Writing/Grammar/Mentor Sentence- We will be learning about how writers write stories with drawings with details, labeling and stretching out words to make sentences.

We also will be reviewing how to write upper and lower case letters.

Mentor Sentence: What is a Sentence? and What is not a Sentence?

Math- New Unit: Patterns-we will learn what patterns are, how they repeat, grow and change, how we label and where we find them in our world.

Science- Finish Exploring the 5 Senses (taste, touch, see, hear, smell) and how we use them to explore our world.

This Week’s Specials

Monday: Day 5-PE

Tuesday: Day 6-Literacy

Wednesday: Day 6- Literacy

Thursday: Day 6- Literacy

Friday: Day 1- Art

This Week’s Events:

This Week’s Events:

Conferences Start this Week:

Please make sure you check your “Owl” reminder for the time and date when you are to meet with me. Please be aware that others are after you and please be on time!

*COGAT Testing September 21, 22, and 23 for Grades 1, 2, and 5. Due to testing No parents or visitors for lunch for grades K-5.

*Monday, September 19th- Reading logs due!

*Tuesday, September 20th- Happy Taco Tuesday!

*Wednesday, September 21st- Happy Wiggly Wednesday!

*Thursday, September 22nd- Happy First Day of Fall, Hang on to your books, No Book return!

*Friday, September 23rd- Wear Your Spirit Wear! (Gwin Oaks/Broncos Shirts). Ice Cream $1.00,

No Book Check-Out because of Book Fair.

*Book Fair Browsing Day (Media Center)-We will make a wish list of books we would like to buy. No money please!


Extras (Optional):

See The Mighty Oak for Details


Reflections are a contest that is sponsored by our PTA. It is not required, and entries should be completed outside of school.

The 2016-2017 theme for Reflections is “What is Your Story?” All entries are due on Wednesday, October 5th.

There are 6 categories:

Literature, Film/Video, Music Composition, Dance Choreography, Visual Arts, Photography

Reflections is supervised by PTA volunteers. Please direct all questions concerning Reflections to them.

The PTA Reflections Team this year is: Cindi Alsobrook, Megan Hogard, Amanda Dowling, and Denise Fusillo.

All questions regarding Reflections entries may be sent to this email address:

Across from the Cafeteria, there is a bulletin board with all Reflections rules and forms. Also see The Mighty Oak

Thanks PTA Reflections Team