Do we or don't we?

We'd appreciate your thoughts!

An Artist Reception is on the table for discussion

With the intent of making a great event even greater, the committee in charge of the 2014 Art of the Lakes (AOTL) Studio Tour has been in discussion with the AOTL Board of Directors about adding a reception to the Studio Tour schedule. We are looking for your feedback and suggestions. Please take a few minutes to review the options listed below and click on the link to send us your feedback.

Reception options include a free and open to the public event at the AOTL Gallery in Battle Lake held either Friday, July 11 or Saturday, July 12 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

Why this event?

  • To promote the Art of the Lakes organization to the public in a way that's engaging and welcoming.
  • To raise more awareness of the Studio Tour.
  • To help interested Studio Tour travelers plan their routes more easily.
  • To facilitate a connection between AOTL artists and potential buyers and visitors with increased gallery sales and traffic to the Tour artists' studios in mind.
  • To strengthen community among AOTL members by providing an opportunity to gather, socialize and strengthen their network within the art community.

3 Options to consider