by Ruth, Dawson, Katie, Paul

history of the protest

when did protest begin?

march 2011 began with government crackdown on peaceful protest

what were/ are people protesting

they were protesting for demanding freedom and a end to corruption began in the sothern city of Deraa

how did the government respond?

The government use the army to attack the rebels and their people. They attack the people to stay in power in Syria.

what has been the result

fueled the growth of Isis and spawned refuge crisis


what is happening in your country now?

5 years of war Russia sent warplanes into Syria on Wednesday to conduct bombing president Assas but Russia said bombing Isis targets but U.S question it whether strikes the rebels.

who is in charge of the government

president Bashara al-assad

will there be elections? if so, when?

there is an election but the same person runs every time because its set up for him to stay in power. they want other countries to view it as a democracy whens its a dictatorship

what keys challenges does the country face today?

families struggling to survive inside of Syria. Russia feeding the government with supply's and U.S supporting the rebels

the international community

have international organizations or other countries been involved in events in your country if so,how?

Russia, U.S, growth of Isis

what has been the position of the united states on the vents in your country?

U.S is helping the rebels and Russia, Russia is on the side of helping the government. The 2 big power house helping opposite sides of Syria which is why the war keeps going on for years.

how would you characterize what has happened in your country? would you call it a revolution?

no its not a revolution because the rebels have not over power the government. Syria is a democracy on the outside trying to
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