In the present era, Breast Implant is very common as today's women are more concerned about their looks. Normally Breast Implant is a change in size, shape, form and texture. It also stated in many names as Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement, Breast Lift, Breast Enhancement and Breast Reduction. With the help of Breast Implant women can improve the condition of their physical apperance.


* Saggy or slumpy look

* Depression, dullness, & anxiety

* Skin rashes

* Fever & headache

* Swollen, pain & insensibility

* Fungal infection.



Its a injection of drugs given to the patient for the insensitivity. In this process the general anesthesia is been used which will be given to the patient for the painless surgery.


The incision or the opening is done for the less scars and this is done by three ways, that are:

* Periareolar Incision-

In this opening is made through the breast tissue.

* Inframammary Incision-

In this opening is made below the breast fold.

* Transaxillary Incision-

In this opening is made under the arm.

Inject and allocate the breast implant:

This method of inject and allocating the breast implant is depending on the way you want your body type and the type of implant. There are six types of implant are:

* Saline breast implant-

This implant is repleted with sterile salt water, which helps to get the perfect and invariable shape.

* Silicon breast implant-

This implant is repleted with silicon gel which helps to get the uniform breast tissue.

* Gummy bear breast implant-

This implant design a balanced shape even at the time of shell broken.

* Round breast implant-

This implant is perfectly & approprately managed with the size, shape and volume.

* Smooth breast implant-

This implant is a long lasting and can be move after it has been placed.

* Textured breast implant-

This implant is not movable once it has fixed so it should be specific and if not than it will change the shape.

Closing the incision:

After the breast implant the openings should be close in a proper way and the incision marks will be fade within few days.


After the breast surgery it will not take too much time to recover. Women can go home after the surgery but she's been precribed some medicines and ointments to apply on the incision marks and make sure to keep it clean by getting infected. To heal the breast properly women will get the supporting bra or a elastic bandage. There will also be swelling for sometime but it will be heal over by in sometime.


Breast impant results are good and long lasting. Women can feel more confident and youthful with a excellent appearance after the breast implant surgery. It will bring about a new image to your life and your personality will shine.

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