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Tools That Make IT Click

Are you continually searching for the latest tools to use in your classroom? You all have different ways of seeking out a tool that fits your need. Some prefer a Google search while others prefer to find an idea on Twitter. Some of you just ask your students. The IT Team has built a database of tools that is ONE way for you to locate tools that the Instructional Technology Team recommends. It is searchable by topic (posters, infographic, etc.). Check it out! http://toolsthatmakeitclick.blogspot.com/
Tools That Make IT Click

Showcasing Student Work-Making IT Click

Instructional Technology has a new way of showcasing authentic learning through the use of technology! One student sample district wide will be featured a week. Follow our blog to see what's going on in classrooms across the district!


Summer will be here before you know it and many of you have already started thinking about which summer courses you will be taking. The Instructional Technology Team offers a staff development class every day of the summer-Monday through Thursday. Check out Eduphoria to find a class customized to your needs! I especially recommend TechnoPalooza that is conference style PD with sessions taught by NISD teachers. We even have special presentations from those outside of the district! Doceri presented last year and we're looking forward to them coming back! Click here to sign up for TechnoPalooza. (This is FREE for NISD employees. The $100 fee is for those attending from other districts.)
2014 NISD Technopalooza Promo

Lesson Crashers Submission

Lesson Crashers is now taking submissions for our upcoming crash! Do you want the entire Instructional Technology Team to come CRASH one of your upcoming lesson(s)? Please fill out and submit this form to be considered.


ePortfolios are gaining more and more momentum as a way for students to showcase their progress over time! If you are interested in getting ePortfolios set up for your class, contact Cara Carter and I'd be happy to collaborate with you! In the meantime, here are some screenshots of some high school ePortfolios.

Interested in more information or making your own? Learn how to create one!

3 Cool Tools To Check Out

What are NISD Proficiency Certifications?

At Northwest ISD, we believe that technology enables us to extend our reach and become more effective, relevant, and connected educators. In order to ensure that our staff is prepared to thrive in this environment, we have two technology proficiencies in place.

Proficiency 1: This course will establish a foundation of technology, expose you to tools that we have in NISD, and provide a brief overview of what to expect in our district. Upon completion of this course, you will have the foundation you need to complete Technology Integration Academy. This course is intended to take you approximately 1-2 hours and you have one year from date of hire to complete this.


Proficiency 2: The Technology Integration Academy will provide opportunities for you to reflect on best practices through the use of technology. We strive to use technology as a tool engages our students at high cognitive levels and this course is designed to reflect that philosophy in every way. You have three years from date of hire to complete this. This is offered 3 times a year-fall, spring, and summer.

Trying to Download Firefox or Chrome?

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