Failure Rate at Baldridge Elementary School On the Rise

It is rumored that several students at Baldridge Elementary School are in danger of failing and being held back in school next year. Sixth grader, Abby Carson, is one of these students. She hates doing schoolwork so her grades are terrible. The only subject she likes is Gym. Her guidance counselor recently told her that since her test scores are so low she may have to repeat sixth grade next year. When interviewed, Abby said, "School is stupid and pointless, but I don't want to be left back. I want to go to Junior high school next year."



Extra Credit Program Offered for Failing Students

Baldridge Elementary School is starting a new program to help failing students. Students are required to get a B or better on all assignments for the rest of the year. They must also receive extra credit by finding a pen pal in a foreign country. The pen pal should be of the same gender as the failing student. The students will write back and forth and learn about each others cultures, traditions, and holidays. It is the hope of the Baldridge Elementary counselor that many of his failing students will find this fun and interesting so they will take advantage of the opportunity and improve their grades. He also hopes they will enjoy it and realize that school is not a waste of time.
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Trouble Brewing in Afghanistan

As everyone knows, it is not proper for boys to write girls. It has been discovered that a boy named Sadeed has been sending letters back and forth to a girl in America named Abby. Abby needed a pen pal in a foreign country to help her get extra credit in school so she could pass the sixth grade. Abby has always loved the mountains so she chose to get a pen pal in Afghanistan. A girl named Samira was supposed to be Abby's pen pal. In a strange twist, the letters Abby received are discovered to be written by Samira's brother, Sadeed. The letters have to come to a stop because a group in Afghanistan finds Abby's letter with a flag on it. This stirs up trouble and possibly threatens the safety of others. To find out more check out the book Extra Credit that was written from this experience at your local library.