Section 504 Newsletter

October 2016

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD

This newsletter is designed for Section 504 Campus Coordinators and district administrators. It provides both legal and practical guidance on the proper implementation of Section 504 law as it relates to our public school district.

Student Data Sheet - REMINDER!

Please remember to complete the "Student Data Sheet" after every Section 504 meeting. The "Student Data Sheet" is available for electronic submission in FormSpace (in Eduphoria). To access and submit the form electronically, simply:

  • Login to Eduphoria and click on "Form Space".
  • Click "Submit New Form" on the bottom left of the page.
  • Click on "Special Programs"
  • You may be asked to click on your campus name at this point.
  • Click on "504 Student Data Sheet".
  • Then, simply fill out the form and click "Submit Form".

The completed form is then automatically submitted to Special Programs and the student 504 information will be updated in Skyward. This is a quick, easy, and foolproof way to submit this important data. No more lost faxes or missing paperwork!

Alternatively, the "Student Data Sheet" is also available in OneDrive in the Section 504 group folder. You may print and fax the completed form to Jeanne White in Special Programs at fax number (817) 847-6124 (interoffice mail is also acceptable).

NOTE: Transfer students from other districts who enroll already identified as Section 504? Please also complete a Student Data Sheet for these students. They will then be coded as 504 as of the date of their enrollment.


504 Helpful Tips!

504 Student Service Plans in AWARE (Eduphoria) - Update

It was our goal to have all current 504 Student Service Plans loaded into AWARE by the beginning of the 2016 - 17 school year. Uploading 504 plans into AWARE serves two important purposes: 1) It allows us to develop an electronic archive of Student Service Plans, and 2) It provides classroom teachers with immediate on-line access to student 504 plans.

If you still have questions about uploading 504 Student Service Plans into AWARE, detailed instructions can be found in the "Section 504" group in One Drive.

Please contact Emily if you would like a one-on-one tutorial for how to put your student 504 plans into AWARE.


504 Legal Guidance - Episodic Conditions

Is a student with a disability that is "episodic" or in remission covered under Section 504? The answer is "possibly." The ADAAA provides the following insight into this question: "An impairment that is episodic or in remission is a disability if it would substantially limit a major life activity when active. 42 USC 12104(4)(D).

Essentially, an "episodic" impairment is one that fluctuates in its severity. Examples of some typical episodic impairments include migraine headaches, seasonal allergies, and asthma. At times, these types of impairments may have little or no impact on a major life activity (i.e. "breathing"). But at other times, the impairment might substantially limit a major life activity (i.e. breathing during extremely hot weather combined with physical activity) and therefore the student would be entitled to appropriate accommodations under Section 504.

A typical example of an impairment that is in remission would be a student who has had successful treatment for cancer or another disease. In most cases, this would not require a Section 504 services plan because there is no current need for accommodations. In most cases of remission the student would receive protection from discrimination on the basis of a disability because he is a student with a "record of an impairment", but would not require a 504 plan. If the cancer returns and its symptoms (or side effects or treatment) are substantially limiting then a Section 504 evaluation would be appropriate with corresponding appropriate accommodations.

Burning Questions???

Do you have a "burning 504 question?" Is there a topic related to Section 504 that you'd like more training on? Please email Emily Youngberg at with any questions or suggestions for 504 training sessions!

Contact Information

Please contact Emily Youngberg, 504/Dyslexia Specialist if you have any questions regarding Section 504 or dyslexia services in our district.