Culture In Brazil

By: Jessica Duran


  • The capital of Brazil is Brasilia
  • Some well known cities in this country include Rio De Janerio, Sao Paulo, and the beautiful Fortaleza
  • I picked this country because it's some where i want to travel to in the future and i want to know the most i can learn about this country so that when I go I will be more familiar with it.
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Language and Symbols

  • The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese
  • They speak Portuguese because Brazil was a Portuguese colony
  • When you look at the Brazilian flag you see the colors green and yellow. Yellow represents gold or the wealth of the country. Green represents the beautiful landscapes Brazil has to offer

Norms and Values

  • Some norms in Brazil include things as, when you are invited to diner or out somewhere, it is important to not under-dress. You have to be dressed in your most casual clothing
  • When invited to a party it is considered to have well manners when you bring the hostess a small house warming gift
  • Examples like these help give you a better reputation

Material Culture

  • In Brazil People wear sandals
  • They also wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts because of the hot weather
  • Some kids have soccer balls to play with
  • Some people ride bikes to work

Non-Material Culture

  • The main religion practiced in Brazil is Catholicism
  • Their language is mainly Portuguese but some can speak English, Spanish, Italian, or German
  • From time to time they hold parades that last up to weeks
  • People in Brazil like to party
  • Some have small markets to sell pieces of art they have done