4.1-4.3 VOCAB and NOTES

Vocabulary (first 6)

Solution- Consists of a dissolved solid or gas in a liquid, or two liquids mixed together.

Solute- The dissolved solid in a solution.

Solvent- The liquid portion of a solution.

Concentration- The mass of dissolved solid per 100 cm^3 of solvent. Units=g/100cm^3(Multiply g/cm3 x 100.)

Saturated solution- A solution in which no more solid can be dissolved.

Solubility- The concentration of a saturated solution. It is a characteristic property that is dependent on both the solute and the solvent.


-Boric acid is used as a pesticide.

-Bromine is used for fumigating (termites) and fireproofing things.

-Washing Soda is sodium carbonate which is used for taxidermy, pools, and making glass.

-Baking Soda is used for making things rise (food, etc...)