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Ferbruary 25th, 2013 - By. Varenya S.

An Interview with Jenna Angeline "Bio Gel" Fox

We interviewed Jenna Fox a few days ago. Yes, folks, the Jenna Fox who has traveled and worked throughout the world to create awareness about people like herself... humans made of mostly (or in other cases less that half) of Bio Gel.

Yay! TCG finally got an exclusive interview with Jenna Fox! Read below for all the answers!
TCG: Hello, Ms. Fox. How are you today?
Jenna Fox: I am quite fine, thank you. And thank you, also, for inviting me to an interview. I am absolutely in love with The Californian's Gazette! In fact, my friends and I are avid readers of the weekly news.

TCG: Thank you for your compliments! We here at TCG try to satisfy our readers as best we can. Alright, let's begin. We all know that you had made a deal with your parents not to tell anyone about your "Bio Gel secret". So why did you decide to tell Ethan?

Jenna Fox: Keeping a secret is too hard, especially such a huge secret. The burden was too large for me. I know Ethan well and I knew at that time too, that he could be trusted. After all, he had done bad things in his life, too. So I felt that our situations matched. I knew that Ethan wouldn't tell a soul.

TCG: Did you feel any gratitude at all towards your parents for saving you?

Jenna Fox: Of course I did! Many people have a misconception that I took my parents for granted and that I didn't thank them at all. My feeling WERE a tad bit vague in the book, "The Adoration of Jenna Fox," but I love my parents! Although I wish that they had told me earlier about my situation, and I wish that they had saved Kara and Locke, I now realize that they risked their LIVES for me.

TCG: Inside, do you still feel guilty for Kara and Locke's death?

Jenna Fox: Hmm... that's a hard question! Before I knew about the "environments" inside those black boxes, I felt very guilty. But after I broke the boxes and released the uploaded information, I felt less guilty.

TCG: Why did you decide to break those computer boxes?

Jenna Fox: I felt sick at the idea of having another "me" trapped in there. It felt like everything, my personal thoughts and ideas were controlled by that computer. And it wasn't fair to Kara or Locke either.

TCG: Why do YOU think those boxes were there?

Jenna Fox: Sometimes, the Bio Gel causes weird things to happen to your body, and your brain might lose all the memory you have. So in case that happened, my parents had to keep a computer. If I lost my memory, they would just re-upload everything into my brain again.

TCG: Why do you think Allys went along with the idea of saving her with Bio Gel?

Jenna Fox: Obviously, Allys was dying! And most dying people want to live right? So she went along with it. I had to promise to her that we would try and help other dying people, too though.

TCG: Why do you think your mother chose only blue clothing for you?

Hmm... you know, I never thought of that? But she knew that blue was my favorite color, so I guess she bought blue clothing for me to bring back my memory...

TCG: Were you ever sad that Lily didn't love you?

Jenna Fox: Nope, never! I knew that she loved me. When I was seventeen, I learned that she was going to a friends's house... a villa in Italy. She was going to stay there and try her hand at wine-making. But she traveled to California with us to support me after the tough days I was going through. That's when I realized how precious I was to her. In fact, after the accident when I was hospitalized, I heard her cry out and pray for me to Jesus. I loved her, and she loved me, her grand daughter, too.

TCG: Okay, last question, have you ever experienced any difficulties while traveling around the world to spread awareness about humans like you?

Jenna Fox: Yes, a few. In some countries, people didn't take Allys and I very well. Some were very disgusted at the thought of humans composed of Bio Gel. But I kept on working until even the FSEB changed their opinions on what it meant to be human (see our article below!), and the percent rates.

A Picture of Jenna Fox (at age 17)

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Kara Mannings - Beloved seventeen year old Kara Mannings of Boston passed away many years ago. Although this death isn't recent, we wanted to honor the life of Jenna Fox's friend. A car accident claimed her life. She was known for her love of the color red. She had been driving high speed on the highway, along with fellow students Jenna Fox and Locke Jenkins. After being placed in a hospital for a few weeks, she left this world. We hope that Kara knows how much we miss her and we hoped to help her parents through this time of misery and angst.

Kara Mannings (at age 16 or 17)

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Breaking News: The FSEB Changes Its Position On What It Means to Be Human

FSEB To Change Laws?

The FSEB recently changes their position on what it means to be human. To be considered human, you must have at least 10 percent of your actual body. The rest can be Bio Gel, if you need it. This is known as the Jenna Standard. The FSEB also put a limit on how much "help" a person can have to live. This "help" is basically life support. Within 4 weeks, if a person on life support does not respond or make any progress, life support will be removed. Any violators will be killed. And if there is a person who has LESS than 10 percent of their actual body and they use Bio Gel, but they don't know that that happened to them (like in Jenna Fox's case), then the people that actually did the illegal thing (like Jenna's parents for example) would be killed.

Weather for Central California

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